Nitrile Examination Gloves


The YANIWhite disposable gloves made of the proven material nitrile are suitable for any industry in which disposable gloves are used, and hygiene must be respected. 

YANIWhite – nitrile gloves are particularly skin-friendly and are characterized by excellent stretchability. The white nitrile glove YANIWhite from Yanimed is very comfortable to wear, and due to the thin material, the fingers do not tire very quickly. 

The lack of latex proteins is an absolute recommendation for allergy sufferers, as the material is particularly skin-friendly.

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Nitrile disposable protective gloves suitable for Food Preparation and Food Handling (Food Service) Gloves but as well adapting medical grade standard under ASTM 6319-19 


White Nitrile disposable protective gloves ideally suited for:


Disposable gloves in catering and food processing.

The issue of hygiene is fundamental, especially in the food industry and catering. One of the things to consider is disposable gloves or protective gloves. These prevent direct contact with food. 

Wear YANIWhite - Nitrile gloves

In case of prolonged contact with water (rinsing, washing food)

Protection against contact with blood, fish guts, thawing liquid, vinegar, etc.)

For people with skin diseases or allergies

Cutting fruits and vegetables

For handling chili peppers or pepper

Cutting garlic, leeks, or onions (also prevents fingers from absorbing food odors)

After injuries or cuts

After completing the particular activity, the protective gloves should be removed and discarded, at least if they are disposable. Never handle different foods, such as lettuce and meat, with the same gloves. It is also important to always use the appropriate type of gloves. Here, the material is also crucial.



Very well suited for handling food are disposable gloves made of nitrile. They are convinced by favorable prices and are very oil and fat resistant due to the material. Thus, no glove material passes to the food while it is being processed. In addition, nitrile is perfect for allergy sufferers because it does not cause allergies.

Yaniwhite Nitrile Gloves