nitrile gloves

YANIFusion Black

The disposable black nitrile synthetic exam glove is produced by the brand new innovative formula. It is compounded nitrile and other material. The performance and strength of nitrile synthetic exam gloves are better than traditional vinyl gloves, and the wear resistance is higher than standard nitrile gloves. This products also have excellent softness and wearing fitness. It is an cost-effective glove compared with the standard nitrile exam glove.

YANIFusion Black - black nitrile disposable gloves


The details

With the disposable black nitrile exam gloves donning feeling is better than vinyl gloves
It has much softer than the vinyl gloves It has very limited allergy risk due to the PU coating (without protein), Excellent resistance against acid, alkali and oil. It has longer lifetime than that of standard nitrile exam glove, Better cost-performance, Easier donning than vinyl glove and standard black nitrile gloves with wet hand

Recommended for medical and industrial use