YANIMED Disposable gloves for the best comfort and adequate allergy protection

Latex free

Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves offer the best comfort and effective allergy protection. Nitrile protective gloves are an optimal alternative to latex gloves because they have similar properties such as durability, flexibility and test sensitivity.


Single Use, Usual Size

The Nitrile Glove is our softest nitrile glove for single use. The nitrile glove is available in the usual sizes S-XL, is well stretchable and offers a very good tactile sensitivity.

CE Standards

It has the usual standards such as the CE mark, AQL 1.5, EN 374, and is ideal for short jobs where protection and hygiene must be ensured. Preferably the nitrile gloves are worn in the medical field, in the care, the catering trade and in the cosmetic field.

Powder & Latex free

The fingers are textured for the desired grip. Of course, the glove is powder-free and latex-free and is therefore especially suitable for allergy sufferers.

Powder-free nitrile gloves

Powder-free nitrile gloves

Nitrile compound gloves

Powder-free nitrile blend gloves

Powder-free nitrile blend gloves

Powder-free nitrile gloves

Chemo Rated medical nitrile gloves

Nitrile examination gloves


Nitrile gloves for a variety of applications

Nitrile gloves are used more and more often as more and more users suffer from latex allergies and have to fight with skin eczema.

Especially in the health care sector, the need for disposable gloves without allergenic ingredients is increasing. Modern nitrile gloves are characterized by ergonomic fit, tear resistance, stretchability and high tactile sensitivity. Nitrile disposable gloves can be put on and taken off very easily even without powder coating due to their smooth inner texture. As examination gloves, they are often used by rescue services or quarantine stations. Other uses of nitrile gloves:


bars, restaurants, bakeries, snack bars, social stations, nursing homes, The food industry, cleaning trade, Cosmetic and tattoo studios, Medical practices, emergency services

What are nitrile gloves made of?

Nitrile belongs to the copolymers and consists of different components. The main element is acrylonitrile, which is also used in the production of thermosets, for example, Lego bricks. Nitrile rubber is obtained by polymerization, more precisely by copolymerization. The first nitrile rubber was developed by the founders of I. G. Farben in 1930. The chemical company from Frankfurt am Main was the world’s largest at the time.

Rubber-like elastic properties

Thanks to the process, the use of additional plasticizers is no longer necessary. When nitriles cool down, they exhibit rubber-like elastic properties that prove to be particularly advantageous when medical gloves made of nitrile are used for single use. Nitrile gloves are therefore extremely flexible, insensitive to cracking and resistant to numerous substances. Neither viruses nor latex can penetrate nitrile surfaces.

Nitrile gloves in the medical field

Medical personnel must protect themselves from no-one, secretions and excrements, so disposable gloves are standard equipment. Wearing disposable gloves also serves to protect the patients from preventing the transmission of pathogens. Yanimed Nitrile gloves are particularly suitable for use in the medical field.

Scope of delivery

100 Yanisense nitrile disposable gloves in a practical dispenser box


This type of glove is extremely thin and maintains the sense of touch. Touch sensitivity is significant during activities such as taking blood samples or changing dressings. But although examination gloves made of nitrile only have a low wall thickness, they offer maximum durability and safety. Like latex gloves, nitrile gloves are highly elastic and tear-resistant. Yanimed disposable gloves are produced according to the standards EN 455 1-3 and EN 374. About quality assurance, nitrile gloves have an AQL value of 1.5.

Optimal hand care when wearing nitrile gloves

The team of experts at Yanimed advises wearing nitrile gloves for appropriate skin protection. Disposable nitrile gloves nestle closely to the skin. Wearing them for more extended periods can cause heat build-up and sweat to form. However, a moist hand climate damages the skin surface in the long term. Anyone who wears nitrile gloves should always pay attention to careful hand care. Oil-water-based protective creams are perfectly suited.

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