About us

Blokkx Limited

is one of the world’s fastest growing distributors of medical technology and pharmaceutical products and services.

Through complementary service and consulting offerings, Blokkx is a system provider that develops the best solutions for its clients and customers.

We are the manufacturer and owner of the top brand YANIMED – (nitrile examination gloves), which are used in hospitals (by doctors and nursing staff); in the food industry (catering and hotels); and in industry and trade wherever hygiene, cleaning, and safety play an important role.

We currently produce and supply a multi million volume of medical disposable glove boxes per month to our clients in Europe and North America.


Pharmaceutical industry

Under the trade names Yaniblue, Yanisoft and Yanitouch we have successfully launched Nitrile , Vinyl and “Synthetic Nitrile” (improved formula of Nitrile NBR and other components) for single use. Our experts in the fields of medical law, production monitoring and logistics offer a professional framework to establish Yanimed as a partner for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our products

Our products are subject to constant quality controls by independent testing institutes that guarantee continuous quality.

With employees on-site in Asia we maintain supply chains even in tight market situations. This enables us to react reliably to market situations and guarantee large volume orders even during turbulent times like the Corona Pandemic.

High-quality products

Yanimed is the partner of the medical and food industry for high-quality products.