medical nitrile gloves


Chemo Rated

100 pieces per box

The YANISoft – Chemo Rated  Nitrile chemical protective glove is a disposable examination glove made of especially soft, purple colored nitrile rubber. The latex-free gloves are powder-free and easy to put on due to polymer inner coating. For optimum grip, the textured finger areas provide perfect tactile sensitivity. Is particularly tear-resistant, safe and highly elastic.


YANISoft – Chemo Rated Chemical protective gloves for safe handling of cytostatics, various chemicals and biological agents. Available as chemical protective glove for single use



YANISoft – Chemo Rated

Nitrile chemical protective gloves suitable for handling chemicals for various applications as well as for working with biological agents in laboratories, medical practices and hospitals.


YANISoft – Chemo Rated

 Nitrile chemical protective gloves ideally suited for:

Warning: Do not use with Carmustine or Thiotepa.

Standard for gloves

ASTM D6978-05

Numerous individuals working in hospital pharmacies unknowingly expose themselves to cytostatic drug handling hazards because their protective gloves have not been tested to the latest, most safety-relevant standard, ASTM D6978-05.

What is it? We explain…

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is an international standardization organization. It mainly develops standardized testing and analysis procedures for goods and services. ASTM D6978-05 is a standard developed specifically for handling cytostatics. 

YANISoft - Chemo Rated

Application example

Because the ASTM D6978-05 standard was developed specifically for handling cytostatic substances, it is closer to the protection of the person and the actual circumstances than other standards that are generally related to protection from chemicals. Virtually all garment elements can be tested for permeation according to ASTM D6978-05.    

It is often used in testing procedures of gloves. In this standard, the requirements of gloves are carried out under much stricter conditions than in other standards of protective gloves. The basis of the standard here is resistance to cytostatic substances. 


Given the hazards associated with handling cytostatic agents, the ASTM D6978-05 standard requires that breakthrough of the agent is considered to have occurred when the permeation rate reaches 0.01 µg/cm²/min. 


In order to mimic human body temperature, tests are conducted at a temperature of 35 °C. The thinnest part (palm or cuff) of the glove is always used for testing. In addition, the outside and the chemical contact side of the glove must be clearly defined to prevent misunderstandings.

YANISoft - Chemo Rated


The ASTM D6978-05 standard is used in areas where personnel come into contact with or are exposed to cytostatic agents during their activities. 

ASTM D6978-05 focuses on the protection of employees. Gloves tested to these specifications generally offer far better protection. In most cases, the AQL value of these gloves is also comparatively high.